Thinking about going to travel, there are many things that we should take into a consideration, one is about the budget. Money is something that makes us stop to go to travel or go on new adventures.

Job4travelers are always looking for new ways to get an income or get a job from home or from anywhere, as to be a transcriptionist or how to sell your knowledge as a freelancer. Now we are happy to present you with a new exciting way to travel to different exciting countries.


Well, when we are talking about free is not really for free, this adventure requires something from you. Let’s see so many things that you can give to your hosts in exchange for your lodging and food.


Well, you can go as an ambassador and teach your language. Check the requirements, in my personal opinion, these are not hard to complete. Also, on this specific website, you are going to need to get a university degree or have any teaching certifications. Still, the website sends you the document to get the visa to be available to work in the USA I think is really good because the majority of these kinds of web sites do not help you with the visa.

Participate Learning

Talking about teaching English, I have many friends who are working on this website Itutor they are really happy working through this page. This is a great opportunity to get a job while you are traveling. However, you should show yourself, responsible worker, and have good teaching skills. Of course, there are plenty of websites we recommend you check out, some of the bets your choice depends on your current place. another options is Preply


As we were talking before, anything is actually for free, in this case, you have something to exchange, and it will be your house. Agencies around the world are in charge of connecting people who want to swap homes for mutual benefit. Is a good idea, I was checking carefully, and you should pay for an annual membership in which you can accumulate a certain number of Guess Points to be ready for your next home exchange.

If you are curious about you can check Home Exchange


This is about to work, volunteer work on a farm or other times are outdoor work. By doing this, you’re gonna have free accommodation and food. I have to say in my personal opinion, check carefully, because if you want to visit some interesting places, maybe you won’t have enough time to do that, because maybe you will be tired or far away from the city, so you’re gonna need more time, that you were expecting. But, if you are an Eco lover this is for you, is a great opportunity to help. Check this


I have to admit, this is my favorite because I can share with you guys the experiences while I am living those. But there are many types of travelers bloggers. There are many who are really famous, so they can have free accommodation in nice hotels by their sponsors or in exchange for publicity on their network sites. In my personal case, I do not do that because I am not famous and I like to share with people who read my blog realistic experiences, I like to go to hostels and maybe Airbnb and tell you how it was, how can you find better options that I had. I am more the kind of traveler who likes to try and share with people how it was. While you are reading this you are making me happy and that’s more than enough for me. At this point you can start thinking about, how can I create my own blog? That is a really good idea. JUST DO IT. Tell us about you and share with us your adventures, and how you do that. We will be waiting for your stories.

Here you can find templates to create your blog also there is a tool CANVA to create good stories, infographics to your travel instagram account.


If you like to share with others, create a course, and sell it online. Many travelers around are free today because they created a successful course and now they do not have to work anymore. They can go traveling and selling their courses because this kind of job allows us to meet new people and they are created like a community of tutors that help each other in different aspects, including free accommodation and free food for 1 or 2 days.


This one is quite interesting, a lot of people around the world are willing to give you one or even more nights for free at their homes. Yes, by signing up on this website you are able to choose a host, after creating a profile by the way it should awake the interest of your host that they will be happy to give you a place to sleep. Also, I recommend you show a reliable and honest person, Also give something to share, the people who are sharing their home are happy to know more about you, so if you know play an instrument, you know to cook something really good or just share some great experiences with them, that is what they are waiting from you.

finally, just get fun and travel as much as you can, be a good traveler enjoy life because it is just one :)

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