how to be a great beginner photographer


One photo can be unforgettable, can express emotions, happiness even sell a product or place. Therefore, it can be a disaster or a totally amazing pic. Therefore, Job4travelers wants to share with you guys some good tips to take great pics.


Now we can find a lot of types of cameras and a huge camera gear, but take into account not all the time this is the most important part of taking a great photo. With the camera that you have, you can take really great photos and one, good piece of advice that worked for me was to try all the features that this camera has. Looking for the best even if it does not happen at the first shot. Hold properly, if you have a tripod is really good, even though you must learn to hold it, to avoid unnecessary movements.


What is RAW? Is this better than JPEG? Well, I recommend you study more about this topic, before modifying the settings of your camera. RAW, is also called the DIGITAL NEGATIVE, it allows you better work when you are editing, because it requires post-processed, also gives you better light and more details compared with JGEP, one of its disadvantages is that it requires more storage. JPEG is easier to use, less storage, and they already process the photo so it does not require post-proceed, however, the image is limited to 8-bits.


This is one of the most important aspects of a good photo, take into account ISO, a low ISO means the camera will be less sensitive to the light, and higher will be more sensitive to the light, usually outdoor it will be around 100-200, but indoors or night 400-800. The light will affect the shoot and how the photographer uses the camera and the settings, the position even thinking about it is gonna be after work of editing.


Take your time to compose your shoot as much as possible, it is not just taking a picture, it is thinking about the escene and how you can capture the whole scene in an awesome picture. Sometimes a great picture could depend on moving to the left or the right. Always try to visualize the result after the click on the camera.


Editing is one of the most important aspects of a photographer. I really like LIGHTROOM. It is easy to use and is amazing. Editing is the part in which you can develop that idea or feeling that you had in the moment you were taking the photo.

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Let us know which tip you liked the most.

Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash

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